Cast a digital spell to receive a love letter! 

Adapted from { remnants } of a { ritual }, explores the tenuous balance we all experience in our daily interactions with machines. We find ourselves first above the clouds in a monochrome world that is both distant yet familiar. A moment captured from an unseen vantage point; a world blanketed, covered, obscured from our view.

The visitor is then asked to find a movement of stillness, and reflection, to think back on a place they can no longer return to — a reality so many of us now face as we think back on the world that once was, and that is forever changed. In this moment of reflection, you are asked to cast a spell by collecting ingredients from your memory. Sacred words that are recalled from your quiet introspection.

After casting your spell, your world is transformed into one of color and vibrance, and you’re presented with a love letter that has been summoned from the spell you cast. Using a collection of computational techniques — both based in conventional computer science and the emerging field of machine learning — a love letter and accompanying curation of images is presented. The love letter you receive is dynamically constructed from both your own submissions and those of previous visitors. is a digital mirror of { remnants } of a { ritual }. Where { remnants } was a collection of love letters left behind by visitors, presents love letters as a gift from the collective memory of places we can no longer return to.

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