1) The first time you open CurrentsVR on a Mac you may encounter a pop up window notifying you that the application cannot be opened.  This is because of security measures on an apple computer.

2)  To fix this, select the apple icon in the top left corner, then select System Preferences from the dropdown menu.

3) In System Preferences, select Security and Privacy, the 6th option from the left.

4) You should see a dialogue towards the bottom indicating that CurrentsVR cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.  If all of the text is grayed out, you may have to unlock the panel by clicking the lock icon in the lower left corner where you will be prompted to enter your username and password for access to the security options.Select the "Open Anyway" button next to the CurrentsVR dialogue. You may have to enter your username and password.  

5)  Now when the app opens you receive an additional prompt about CurrentsVR being from an unidentified developer. Select “Open Anyway” if you are sure you want to open it.  The application will open.  You might receive one more request for access to the directory the application is stored in.  Select Yes if this prompt appears, it has been inconsistent on different machines.

6)  If this doesn't resolve your issues please reach out to us for additional support at!