The Clearing


Music and Image: David Stout
Technical Direction: Stephen Lucas

The Clearing is a short linear 360 video captured within a larger real-time Virtual Reality environment. The dreamer awakes inside an organic veined pod-like shelter over 200 ft. high as it slowly expands outward - the placental walls formed of a cyan infused graphite colored plant-like web. The pod-home begins to agitate, opening to a scintillating world of pulsing cyclical growth. Emitted into the luminous moment, you are the entirety of the world. Every element of an unfolding expanse is held in a persistent subtle vibratory motion. In this vast rhizomatic oscillation one thousand conversations travel like bead threaded on sinews of light. Standing in cellular communion on a lake of supple glass, fungal architectures rise and fall and rise again. Mycelium encoded with the potential of civilizations yet to come and travelers long departed.

This piece is also available as part of our CurrentsVR platform, accessible here

David Stout Vimeo
David Stout Soundcloud