STRATA will be streaming live from at 8pm MT Monday, Aug 24, 2020
*** WATCH HERE ***

STRATA is a Santa Fe-based trio of musicians. Formed in recent months and pandemic-influenced, they use sound, visual, and streaming software to perform live from three different sound studios. Accompanied by reclaimed, reformed, or re-appropriated video, their performance at 8pm, Monday, 08.24.2020 will run an hour or more as they explore fluid soundscapes containing elements of pure electronics, field recordings, voice, guitar, saxophone, percussion, and noise. Their performances are never the same, but always an uncommon sound experience.


DAVID FORLANO is a multimedia artist with a very wide spectrum of making visual and performance art. His 30+ years of work in the collaborative partnership of FordForlano Art Jewelry is widely collected in the world of American Craft and in over a dozen permanent collections. He was composer and performer with several choreographers during the 90s in Philadelphia where he also developed a passion for free-improvisation. He is currently studying Jazz saxophone. David likes donuts and coffee.

JASON GOODYEAR is a teacher, composer, performer and all-around music technology obsessive. He is an audio engineer, producer and field recordist with over 30 years of experience in music, including composing and creating sound for live shows, film, dance, and internet and multimedia events and installations. The biggest single influence on his music is his passion for field recording. He may be allergic to penicillin. He kind of remembers having a reaction a long time ago, and just in case, he always says he's allergic on intake forms.

KEN PROKUSKI has been a fan and supporter of new music for many decades.  He began performing his own music over fifteen years ago with the mentorship and support of such artists as Pamela Z and Dino Deane.  He is an experimental sound artist with multiple projects. collaborations, and ensembles in San Francisco and Santa Fe.  Ken is taller than Jason Goodyear and David Forlano.