¡Portate Bien!


7 PM MT   SAT  AUG 29, 2020


¡PORTATE BIEN! explores emotional terrains which keep revealing unexpected outcomes, both hilarious and scary. The piece uses a ventriloquist doll as its main controller. The doll (Andreita) sends data from an accelerometer placed in her head and a multi-touch sensor placed in her body which is activated when the mouth opens and closes. The voice is the main sound source. Most of the synthesis is in real time. There are also some pre-recorded files.


Andrea Pensado (b. La Plata, Argentina) has been based in the US since 2002. Pensado uses voice and electronics to make her music. The approach to both programming and performance is highly intuitive. The harsh cut-up noise result, mixed with the strong emotional component of the music, generates a deeply personal sonic language which inevitably gives rise to intense responses in diverse audiences.

In addition to her solo work, she has longtime collaborations with Chris Strunk & Walter Wright (Los Condenados, Bats From Pogo and Sheer Anxiety), with Jen Gelineau & Stephanie Germaine as Phurnne. Newer projects include Every Cloud (with Nico Tracy) and The Impenitents (with Andy Kivela and Erik Brown).
She plays extensively in the US and abroad. She also runs Sonorium, a series of experimental music based in Salem, MA.