A VR Platform Built by Reilly Donovan


Alviano Geometries - ROBERT CAMPBELL
Viromancer + Marine - MENGYU CHEN
Morphogenesis - REILLY DONOVAN
The Clearing - DAVID STOUT
Canis- BRYN OH

CurrentsVR is available for desktop, laptop, and VR headset viewing. To experience, please select the appropriate link below which will start downloading the application as a zip file.  Download time will vary depending on bandwidth and file size. 

That is a BETA version which is still in development. The work we are presenting is demanding. You will need suitable equipment to fully experience it – A fairly new Mac or PC with a Nvidia or AMD graphics card is recommeded, otherwise you may have problems.  Give it a try. You are in for a real treat!

The VR Experience for PCs works with the following headsets:
  • Oculus Rift CV1, Rift S, Quest with link cable
  • HTC VIVE and PRO
  • Open VR
  • A Nvidia GTX 1060 or equivalent graphics card is recomended. You can give it a try with GTX 970 or equivalent. 

For the CurrentsVR/Headset Application use the link below: 
  • Download and open the Zip File and double click CurrentsVR.exe.
  • Type a name that will appear above your avatar’s head.
  • Hit the Connect button which will take you to the next step
  • Select an avatar and the world you would like to enter from the menu. Read the Controls Menu which explains the function of the buttons and trigers on the Oculus and VIVE controllers.
  • Once in a world you can select a menu which will pop up above your left hand that allows you to select to return Home or access the Control Menu in case you forgot how things work.

For Desktop Applications use the links below:
  • For PC desktop download and open the Zip File and double click CurrentsVRDesktopPC.exe
  • For Mac desktop, download and open the Zip File and double click CurrentsVRDesktopMac.app
  • For PC and Macs once you are in the App you can select an avatar and choose a world to enter. For movement use the mouse to look around and the WASD keys or arrows to move forward and back and left and right. In Mengyu Chen’s work you wil use the QWEASD keys to fly.

If you have questions, email us or check out