Carlos Luna James



C O S M I C • B E A S T - M i n t a k a

Mintaka, who symbolizes Peace & Love, is an ancient creature from a parallel universe, a star over a thousand light years from the Sun. It possesses the power of mind manipulation. This phantasmagorical creature is part of the “Cosmic Beasts” and a member of “The New Alliance”, a social movement that wants to bring empathy, love, and happiness to the world of humans. His mission is to spread the message of love. By using his mental powers and the ability to hack human memory, he updates our stored data to detox it from the bad memories. Look into Mintaka’s hypnotizing eyes, and let him transport you to an altered state of mind connected to a higher spiritual dimension, and be cured from any fears that hold you back.

T H E • B E N E V O L E N C E • P O R T A L

L U N A R • S O L A R • S Y S T E M

The Lunar-Solar system are gadgets of advanced technology capable of tracking negative forces. Using a powerful electrical field of energy, they protect us from maleficent vibrations.

G A L A C T I K • T R A N S M I S S I O N 0 0 1 

Galactic information to human civilization, a poetic analog message for humankind.

I’m inspired by sci-fi, fantasy, culture and technology. I like to explore the nuances of perception of virtual and physical space. In the process of creating my pieces, I’m always thinking about the physical form but in conjunction with the digital world, this gives me an infinite possibilities on how to tell the story I’m looking to share. I like the audience to feel the blurry line of perception between virtual and physical space by combining both worlds, it creates a more immersive experience.
-Carlos Luna James